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In Precious Japan, all drivers are concierges.
First of all to meet the needs of our customers
We promise to offer you more comfortable time than others.

Precious Japan Feature


We offer a wide range of services from private tourism by higher to requests for sightseeing in business free time. It explores sightseeing spots in and around Tokyo such as the Imperial Palace, Asakusa and Hakone. You can also assemble a plan according to your request, so please feel free to contact us. As the driver supports multiple languages, customers from overseas are also safe. We will propose not only sightseeing spots but also meals and cafes according to your preference. Popular tourist spots


Please leave it to us about planning and Enlish guidance.


Hospitality standard certification 2019 acquisition


Airport transfer

Meet us important customers

We will transfer to Narita and Haneda Airports, including transfers from overseas customers, executives and VIPs for overseas business trips. Precious Japan’s drivers are trained by experts in safety management and customer service, and provide thorough safety management and high hospitality. English-language support (multiple languages) is also possible, so you can be assured that your important customers will pick you up with confidence. We prepare for high-grade type of high gray vehicle. Facilities in the car are also enhanced. Model list


Golf / Event transfer

Please enjoy the taxi everyday.

Precious Japan’s cars are used for business trips, golf transfers and events. As we wait until return at golf and event, returning is smooth. Please feel free to contact us as we will respond flexibly to your time and place.
Business use

We will fulfill important time with flexible response.

You can use our cars in the business scene such as inspections of stores and factories, and customer transfers. In addition, there are drivers who are good at English and other languages, so it is highly appreciated by those who have come to Japan from overseas. All our drivers are concierges. We will respond flexibly to various requests, such as the introduction of restaurants according to the business schedule and the guidance of sightseeing spots using idle time.
Regular pick-up / exclusive car

We also work in partnership with companies.

As well as one-time use, you can contract as a regular transfer or as a private car. Based on the contents of the meeting, we will estimate the usage fee. If necessary, you can also interview with your driver. Please contact us once for companies that will be using regular transfers.
Partner tour

Travel agency × Precious Japan

The tour which the travel agency and Prescious Zippan send has appeared. Please enjoy your trip plan to enjoy in the higher.


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    First of all, please contact us by phone or mail form.

    We would like to ask you “the date of use ・ time ・ the number of people ・ contact information”. Please feel free to contact us if you are thinking of regular transfers and exclusive vehicles.
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    We will contact you as soon as possible.
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    Reservation / Application

    Please make a formal reservation request after making a quote. The staff will send you a reservation confirmation by e-mail or fax.
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    Please transfer the payment to the designated bank account within 3 business days after receiving the booking confirmation. We will consider it as reservation completion by confirmation of payment. Payment with various credit cards is also possible. * Actual expenses during operation will be charged separately, such as parking fee, tolled highway, toll when traveling, accommodation fee for crew, extension fee, etc.
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    First, please contact us from the telephone / mail form.

    Just before the service day, we will contact you for the final confirmation of the time and place, including the information on the crew.
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    On the day of service

    The driver will meet you at the meeting place.
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