The highest class hospitality

Precious Japan listens directly to the requests of our guests,
and our concierges take the responsibilities for planning the entire process,
aiming for the highest level of hospitality.
We have received a lot of trust from both inside and outside Japan,
as well as multilingual drivers and well-rounded education from the perspective of our customers at all times.

We will meet your needs, such as airport transfers, sightseeing, and regular transfers.
If you would like to have an important person or just have a special time, please take a taxi of Precious Japan.

Precious time

Strong point 01English and multilingual support

Not only English but multi-lingual drivers are registered
When inviting guests from abroad,
We can also accommodate foreigners who come to Japan for sightseeing.
Information can also be provided in multiple languages.
It is possible to enjoy transfer time and sightseeing more.

Strong point 02Amenity and WiFi environment

Installed an AC converter and WiFi router in the car.
Towels and amenities are also provided.
It is in the car that you can spend comfortably while traveling.
WiFi routers are well received from overseas and young people.
The clean and tidy interior of the car will make you feel even more relaxed.

Strong point 03Thorough safety management

Naturally, ensuring the safety of our customers on the move is paramount
Everyone is deeply aware of it, and fully complies with all laws and regulations,
transportation regulations and safety priority.
All drivers are qualified for advanced lifesaving classes,
We will respond to your emergency situation.

All drivers are concierges

All drivers are trained in customer service by experts.
In addition, we will not forget the consciousness as a concierge to meet the needs of each customer.
We offer services that make your time even more enjoyable,
such as suggestions for sightseeing spots and restaurants that meet your needs.
Our hospitality is unique to our company, which also responds to requests from embassies.
There is a reason to gain much trust.
We will continue to challenge the service that always meets your expectations.

Precious Japan Services


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